Some of you are from Valencia, but the band was formed in London. How did it all come about?

(Álex Amorós) The band was started by Bruno Cruañes, Brian Diarte and I in London together with Rachel Wood. I bumped into Brian one day at a music festival. We had both met a year ago at a concert in the Murray Room in Valencia, where we played with different bands. Both Brian and Bruno had just arrived in London, so we talked about the possibility of forming a band. We decided to meet one day to go to his house in East London. There he introduced me to Bruno. If I remember correctly, it was April or May 2016. That summer we started our first rehearsals and in 2017 we gave our first concert. The three of us are passionate about music, each of us in our own way, and I suppose that being able to develop a creative career related to the world of music and improve our English was the fundamental reason for moving to London.


Who are the members right now, and where do they reside?

(Álex) The line-up has gone through various stages, the four of us started and during 2018 Brian went to Australia to live for a year and Rachel had to leave for personal reasons, so Bruno and I continued with other musicians.

(Bruno Cruañes) Of the four of us who make up the band, three remain. Brian returned from Australia in 2019 and rejoined. Later, drummer Carlos Llatas and guitarist Jesús Ramírez joined. To this day, we all live in Valencia except for Alex, who has his life in London.


Your sound and aesthetics are very rooted in the 60’s, a time that you did not live in. How did you get hooked on it, and why are you so attracted to it?

(Álex) We are hooked by its pure sound, its aesthetics and its hedonism. It was a time that changed the spectrum at all levels, a new way of life for youth. It attracts us because it is music fair and square.

(Bruno) The story is a bit long, but we started as four friends trying to find things in common. As we progressed, we realised that what really appealed to us was the sound coming from that time. So, one way or another, we started exploring and experimenting with the songs. On the other hand, if you walk into that scene, you catch it right away. In London and in some European cities you can still breathe that spirit in some corners: the music, the colours, the creativity and spontaneity that arose from a generation that broke with all social patterns.